sysadmin // homelabber

stuff i host

stuff i use:

updates/server deployment: jenkins and ansible.
monitoring: zabbix, prometheus, upptime, uptime-robot, grafana/loki/promtail.
operating system: ubuntu and debian.
base: nginx, php, mariadb.
backups: restic.
code: github and gitea.
communication: mattermost, irc (jamiew0w) and znc.
alerts: huginn, gotify.
security: crowdsec.
dns: unbound.
email: dovecot, postfix, rspamd and thunderbird.
trackers: chihaya.
hosts: vmware at my homelab. ovh, leaseweb, hetzner, nforce and frantech. sites: hugo and github pages.

the above list isn’t exhaustive, just stuff i use day to day.